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This website doesn't have a lot of stuff on it, just a download link for the Star Conquest soundpack for VipMud.
I would like to say a few things that I hope people will read before downloading the soundpack to use with the game Star Conquest.
I don't have any control over the soundpack once you download it and use it. I don't mind if you add things that you wish to add into the soundpack. I would just like that you don't turn around and give the soundpack out and say it's yours. I didn't write this soundpack myself from scratch, but I have taken it and added stuff into it to make it better, and I have cleaned it up a lot to make it run faster. Below is text I have taken right from the PEOPLECONTRIB command in the soundpack.
"This soundpack was Written by Cory Martin and Stephen Hampton. I Jason Rat in Star Conquest started playing around with it and then it ended up as it is now. I would like to thank the following people for helping me make it what it is now today! Melinda Michael's for testing and giving me hints and tips on stuff to add! Elira Waters for sounds for felo! Also, a good friend Matt who does not play Star Conquest. He has helped me with some of the harder stuff, never getting annoyed with my slow learning on some of the things. Thanks everyone!"

If you download the soundpack, I hope you enjoy it. When the soundpack first loads, you will see my e-mail address. If there is anything you would like, let me know! Thanks!

Below is the newest changes for the soundpack. All of the new changes will be at the bottom of the file.
Read the newest changes for the soundpack.

I would like to let everyone know, that this soundpack is now a supported soundpack by the staff at Squidsoft.net and Star Conquest. Thanks to the staff for allowing us to use it openly. However, please don't talk about the soundpack over the Newbie Help channel, as the staff can't do anything to help if there is a problem with the soundpack. If you wish to get help, you can perhaps ask a friend of yours that might know something, or contact me at the e-mail address provided when you first load the soundpack. Thanks everyone!
Download the Star Conquest Soundpack for VipMud here.

Last updated: 08-07-2017